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[Introduction] Pacifier, also called dummy, soother or binky, is an amazing tool for soothing baby's mood, which helps baby calm down and stop crying. It is also a substitute for mother's nipples. Over 80% infants are using this soother and will continually use it till they are 2-3 years old. However, it is an controversial stuff that some people consider it will result in breastfeeding failure and dental problems. Here we will talk about both sides and the methods to choose and use. Hope you like it.

Part 1. Full knowledge of Pacifier

Part 2. How to Pick Out The Most Suitable Pacifier for Your Baby

Part 3. Best 5 Amazon Baby Pacifiers in 2018


Part 1. Full knowledge of Pacifier

It's controversial that whether or not the not the baby needs to use the pacifier. People keep arguing the pros and cons of baby soothers. In fact, it all depends on the time and frequency of use. For infants, especially those who can not be breastfed, pacifiers can satisfy the baby's desire to suck and offer a good psychological comfort.

There are studies that show that sucking a baby binky can reduce the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS). More advantages as below:

1. Help the baby to reduce mouth breathing and develop the habit of breathing through the nose

2. Promote intestinal development of premature babies

3. Enhance the baby's sense of security

4. Better to get rid and disinfect than sucking finger

5. Improving the quality of your baby's sleep and reducing or even cutting off the night milk

That said, the long-term excessive use of pacifiers does do harm to babies. Problems like:

1. Babies spill milk and have intestinal spasm due to swallowing a large amount of air during sucking

2. Cause "nipple confusion" and have a negative effect on breastfeeding

3. Prone to over-reliance

4. May affect the development of teeth

In conclusion, proper and moderate use of pacifiers help parents to take care of their babies better! Baby soothers do have a certain capability to comfort children. Also, using soothers can exercise baby's upper and lower jaw, train the tongue and develop facial muscle! Therefore, as long as you utilize a pacifier properly and in the right time, it will have positive influences on baby development and it will make parenting simple and easier.

So, how do you use this parenting gadget in a right way? What is the right time to introduce it to your baby? When should your baby get rid off it? Keep reading and you will find the answers.

Part 2. How to Pick Out The Most Suitable Pacifier for Your Baby

What are the pointers to make a purchase of baby pacifier? How can you ensure your pick the right one for your kids? Well, you can start with two aspects: the shape of teat and the material.

The Teat's Shape - Round or Orthodontic

There are two types of teat - the round and the orthodontic. Those teats are designed for different babies in different periods.

The round teat pacifier suits for young children. Since the shape is similar to mother's nipple, it won't cause "nipple confusion" nor mess up the breastfeeding.

The orthodontic one is flattened on the bottom, which has less impact on teeth development. However, it will mislead babies in sucking skill. So please make sure that only introduce orthodontic pacifiers to babies older than 6 months!

The Material - Silicone or Natural Rubber

The two main types of materials are: silicone and natural rubber. Which one is better? We recommend the silicone baby binkies for the following reasons:

1. The pacifier is durable and safe for use.

2. Have no strange odors

3. Easy to clean

4. Suitable for baby who has an allergy to latex

5. BPA free, plastic free, latex free and Phthalate free

Part 3. Best 5 Amazon Baby Pacifiers in 2018

Considering that the advantages of silicon baby binky, we would like to provide you with several popular and useful silicone products sold on Amazon. If you have difficulties to decide which baby dummy is good, you can come here to find the good one for your baby.

Philips Avent Pacifier SCF190/01 Soothie Green

Philips Avent Pacifier SCF190/01 Soothie Green

First of all, we would like to start with products sold by Philips Avent on Amazon. Philips Avent does have particular achievement of providing high-quality and diverse baby dummies. Most of products are made of hospital-grade silicone, which is safer for children.

You can introduce AVENT Soothie Pacifier as the first binky for your baby. It features on round-shape teat and one-piece construction. The round teat has all the advantages that we talked before. Its construction ensures the dummy won't fall apart. Good for avoiding babies chocking when they suck their dummy! Also, the simple structure baby pacifiers are very easy to clean and sterilize.

If you are looking for a soother that suitable for newborns, check Avent Soothie first. This product can help you soothe newborns and it is more acceptable for younger babies - especially for 0-3 months babies.


Philips AVENT Freeflow Pacifier Blue/White

Philips AVENT Freeflow Pacifier Blue/White

Remember the orthodontic pacifier we mentioned in the previous paragraph? Philips AVENT Freeflow is one of orthodontic dummy that designed for healthy oral development. Unlike one-piece construction AVENT Soothie, Freeflow comprises three parts: teat, shield and handle. Its shield get 6 air holes which create extra airflow for babies. In addition, the ring handle fixed on Freeflow soother not only be easy to grasp but train babies' grip skill.

Assuming that you are searching for a baby dummy suitable for babies who are older than 3 months, this one would be on the table.


Philips AVENT Night Time Baby Pacifiers

hilips AVENT Night Time Baby Pacifiers

Here comes the last Philips AVENT baby binky that we offer in this article. This Night Time pacifier is also an orthodontic product. It has collapsible teat that is better for the natural development of a baby's teeth and gums. There is 1 big hole on each side of the shield for airflow. All the Night Time baby pacifies feature on a glowing handle for night time visibility. In other words, its ring handle will glow in the dark, which helps you and your baby to find out its correct position at night.

If you want a dummy that can be easily found or removed at night, Philips AVENT Night Time baby binky would be a pretty good option.


MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier

MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier

This product is another night glowing orthodontic pacifier. The textured surface and six holes on the shield allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe. However, it has no handle part so there might be a challenge to hold on baby's hand. Maybe you can introduce a pacifier clip as an alternative.

So, what's the glowing part? The shield! If you baby doesn't like Philips AVENT Night Time, try this one.


WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe

WubbaNub Brand is popular for its Soothie+ Plush Animal combination. Therefore, it's more attractive to babies. Except the plush animal, the sucking part is made with a medical-grade silicone Philips Avent Soothie, which is BPA free, plastic free, latex free and Phthalate free!

Furthermore, the WubbaNub products have functional and durable one piece construction! Last but not least, please remember that its round teat soothie is more fit for younger babies(0-3 month). That should be kept in mind when you want to make a purchase of WubbaNub baby pacifiers.


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