Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Author:Jake | TIME:January 23,2018

In addition to a step-counter, a fitness tracker can offer you a lot more, for example, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and sports tracking. The best fitness tracker can be even a 24/7 assistant to help detect health problems such as sleep apnea and heart arrhythmia. So now you could see the increasing popularity of fitness tracker.


While choosing the best fitness tracker for you or someone you really care, there are some major things you may want to include: step counting, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, waterproof, compatible with both iOS and Android, etc.


And today we are going to talk about the best waterproof fitness tracker. Why we choose the models with waterproof feature? That’s because this feature is very important when you are doing sports with sweat pouring down, when you go swimming or diving, when you are in the rain, when you are taking a shower. And below are our best selections we’ve assembled for you.


5 Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Options


best-waterproof-ffitness-tracker-1.jpgCoffea H7-HR Wireless Bluetooth Smart Waterproof Fitness Tracker 

Weather Forecast: The activity bracelet can read GPS information in your smart phone and it will display local weather.
Relax: Help you to guide breathing and find moments of calm throughout your day, makes you feel relax and better.
14 Training Modes:8 Default activity modes, additional 6 activity modes can be added in the APP, walking, running, riding, treadmill, hiking, fitness, basketball, badminton, tennis, football, climbing, spinning, yoga, dancing.
Call Alert: Device will vibrate and show on screen when there is an incoming call, you can choose to answer or hang up.
Alarm Alert: Set silent alarms on the smart band to wake you up.
SNS notifications: Support SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,etc. 




best-waterproof-ffitness-tracker-2.jpgTOOBUR Health Activity Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Activity Tracker: Recording all day activities, calculating steps, moving distance, calories burned as well as active minutes. 
Sleep Tracker: Automatically tracks how well you sleep at night, so you can see your sleep trends and get on a better routine. 
Silent Alarm: Set a silent alarm in the Veryfit app and it will vibrate to wake you peacefully. 
Calls/ SMS/ SNS Alert: Receive calls, SMS and SNS notifications on display, so you never miss the messages that matter. 
Sedentary Alert: It will help you stay active throughout the day by giving you friendly reminders. 
Anti-lost: When your phone or the bracelet is beyond the Bluetooth range, the device will vibrate to notify. 
Compatibility: Android 4.4 or above; IOS 7.1 or above, Bluetooth 4.0. 
Longer Standby Time: It will last for 3~7 days by one-hour convenient charging, no charging cable needed. 
Living Waterproof: Supporting sweat-proof, rain-proof and splashed water proof etc. 




best-waterproof-ffitness-tracker-3.jpgmoreFit Slim Touch HR Heart Rate Waterproof Fitness Tracker

This slim touch fitness tracker with Christmas packing design will be available for a limited time

Simply take band off and plug directly into a USB port to charge 1-2 hours, stay works lasts 7-16 days

14 training modes improve the accuracy of tracking reports and help you get a better understanding of fitness level

Fits nicely and looks very minimalistic on your wrist, adjustable band stays on securely and comfortable

Works with a phone App named VERYFITPRO, swipe up on the screen to get all activities data accurately

App shows sleeping pattern including the levels of waking sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep each day



best-waterproof-ffitness-tracker-4.jpgTwobeFit Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Multi Functions: Track your daily steps, calorie consumed,distance, monitor continuous heart rate, record the duration of exercise,average pace. Show the notification of the

incoming call, message and SNS from Social Media Software(Like Facebook , Twitter, etc) .

Heart Rate Monitor: 24-hour real-time sensitive heart rate sensor can timely show your data. Check your heart rate data on 3 stages(Resting, Average and Max HR)

Auto Sleep Tracking: Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motions every night, you can better understand your sleeping quality

Activity Tracking with GPS: TwobeFit Activity Tracker uses built-in GPS to monitor your activity track during run or bicycle mode to see real-time stats like pace and distance on the app

Additional Function: Set alarm, sedentary alert in the app, it can remind you to do wake up, take medicine, attend meeting and do some exercises





Cafar Waterproof Fitness Tracker 

Call Alert: Device will vibrate and show on screen when there is an incoming call. 
Alarm Alert: Set silent alarms on the smart band to wake you up. 
SNS notifications: Support SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,etc. 
IP68 Waterproof: Support 30 meters deep waterproof, Swimming in the pool and walking in the raining. 



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