Top 5 Websites to Download Free Ringtones for Android and iPhone

Author:Jake | TIME:November 10,2017

Want to find free ringtones for Android or iPhone? You might have been disappointed at what you had found on the Internet. You might all have encountered "fake" websites that claim that they could offer what you want for free with no strings attached. However, you may find later that you have been deceived after you pay a visit and download their offerings. You just arrive at pages full of advertisements while see nothing about your iPhone or Android ringtones.


To walk you through this awkward situation, below we will list 5 safe websites for you to download free ringtones for Android and iPhone, including FunForMobile and Zedge free ringtones.


Fun for Mobile - Download Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone

Fun for Mobile is a website that offers a huge number of free and legal ringtones, videos, pictures, games, chat rooms, jokes and other contents. If you want to download free ringtones for Android and iPhone, just navigate to its official site or search for 'funformobile' on Google.

Note: All the ringtones at Fun For Mobile are downloaded in the MP3 format.

funformobile - free ringtones for android


Zedge - Download Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone

Zedge is a website where users can create and upload content for cell phones. Many of the users can share their creations on the website and, of course, are able to download content from it. There, you can find and get a lot of free ringtones of different styles and topics. You can easily download them to your computer or your mobile phone directly.


Zedge also offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android. iOS users can find and quickly download wallpapers, while Android users have more privilege - they can download Zedge free ringtones directly to your phone.

Zedge - Free Ringtones for Android


Tones7 - Download Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone

Tones7 is a simple site for you to download ringtones of various types. Maybe it does not cover contents that Zedge and other websites offer, the simple design of Tones7 makes downloading ringtones easy. You can listen to the ringtones in your browser before downloading them. And Tones7 offers an MP3 and M4R option for each ringtone, which is an advantage over many other websites.

Free Android Ringtones - Tones7 - Download Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone

To get source of free ringtones, then is another good choice. This website allows you to download ringtones as well as to build your own from your personal music files. The ringtones are separated into categories like funny, SMS and alert, sound effects, international, dance, Bollywood, and Movies and TV. You can also download these ringtones in the M4R or MP3 format.

Notification Sounds - Download Free Ringtones for Android & iPhone

Just as the website name indicates, Notification Sounds allows you to download notification sounds. It divides the contents in intuitive categories: animals, message tones, wake-up tones, sound effects, funny sounds, and Christmas ringtones. Choose a sound that you want to download, and you can get the sound in a file format that works seamlessly with your specific device. 

Notification Sounds



Additional Tips:  How to Transfer Ringtones from Computer to iPhone

Since Android and BlackBerry devices use the MP3 format while iOS devices like iPhones and iPads use M4R, if the ringtones you download does not work with your phone, you may need to convert them into the compatible format with an audio converter.

And due to the copyright issue and rules by Apple, you are not allowed to download ringtones directly to your iPhone or make them ringtones, which means you are not able to get free ringtones for iPhone directly from above online resources. But if you are an Android user, you can download free Android ringtones directly. And as for iPhone user, you may need to download the ringtones to your computer first and then transfer the ringtone files to your iPhone. And you can use third-party apps to transfer the files.

transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone

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