What if i forgot apple id password

Author:Livia | TIME:October 11,2017

Apple iD is used to lot of actions that associated with Apple devices, such as launch into your iCloud on a new iDevice, download content from iTunes or the app store. The most important before you start, you need to enter your apple id password. If you forget your password, the processes you want to do are not able to continued, unless you get yourself out of the apple id password forgetting. So when lots of apple users ask that what if I forgot apple id password, I will show you 3 ways to check apple id out!


Case 1. Recover apple id password via Email Address or Security Questions - iforgot apple com


1. Open your brows and navigate the webpage to https://iforgot.apple.com/ or simply iforgot.apple.com.

2. Input your Apple ID that contains an registered email address which is associated with your Apple or iCloud account.

3. Finish the CAPTCHA characters verification, tap "Continue".


4. Select the option "I need to Reset my Password”then choose "Continue.”


5. Choose "Get an Email”and wait for the confirmation email or "Answer Security Questions”and answer the questions when you registered. Then choose "Continue.”


6. Open the email from Apple related to "How to reset Apple ID password.”

7. Tap on "Reset Now”in the email, enter a new password in the new popped up page and enter again, then click “Reset Password.”


Case 2. Recover Apple ID to reset apple id password - iForgot Apple ID

1. On any browser go to https://iforgot.apple.com/, then type on "Forgot Apple ID".


2. Fill out the blankets below, then Apple will find out your apple ID. After the ID has been found, select “Go to Your Account".


3. Refer to the case 1 to recover your apple id password.

Case 3. Recover apple id password with Two-Factor Authentication


1. You need to ensure you have enabled, launch into https://iforgot.apple.com/


2. Type your Apple ID, finish the verification, then click "Continue.”


3. Select "Use Trusted Phone Number" or "Reset from another device", then tap "Continue”

4. Click on "Start Account Recovery.”


Following above solution to "iForgot Apple ID" you will know what to do if you forgot Apple ID password. Now just try these 3 ways to recover your Apple ID and your Apple ID password!


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