Silicone Scrubber, Kitchen Scrubber, cFone Silicone Sponges Multipurpose Antibacterial Kitchen Scrub Brush , Silicone dishwashing brush for Dish Pot Pan Cups Coffee Mugs Veggies and Fruit(Pack of 5)

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  • [ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL] Food-grade silicone scrubber; High quality heat resistant silicone; Antibacterial silicone dishwashing brush, BPA-free, FDA-approved,LFGB standard.
  • [IDEAL KITCHEN GADGET] Silicone scrubber more for light washing; Soft and bendable enough to clean irregular kitchen ware; Non-abrasive; Lightweight; Easy to clean and carry; Dishwasher safe and dry faster!
  • [SAFER TO USE] Kitchen Scrubber won’t absorb water; Mildew free; Improve kitchen hygiene. With flexible and soft silicone bristles, easily reach the corners of irregular-shaped objects. NOTE: can't be used to clean counter.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] Simply rinse or put kitchen scrubber in dishwasher; Hanging loop design for convenient storage. With bright color and cute shape, silicone sponges are delightful kitchen decoration accessories.
  • [HIGH HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE SCRUBBER] Wide temperature range design: From -60℃ to 230℃ (-76℉ to 500℉). Carry hot bowl or pot without hand burning. Nice heat resistant coaster, heat insulation pads, mat, gloves.

Product Description 

Super Clean Antibacterial Sponge for Creating Hygienic, Safer and Higher Quality life! Worth to Have!


Superb Performance

This practical silicone sponge brush is food-grade, BPA free and FDA approved; 

extremely high strength; 

won't deform; 

won't get stinky quickly.


Compare with Others 

Easier to clean than dishcloth

Longer service life than regular sponge

Softer then scourer and harmless

Better antibacterial property


Soft Bristles  

With double sides and hundreds of soft bristles, these silicone scrubbers are abrasive enough for scrub dirt and stain of dishes but leave no scratch.


Flexible Silicone Sponge 

The sponge can be folded or squeezed in various forms. It can get into a small or narrow place so as to wash the inside of the kitchenware.


Simple Cleaning Process 

All the silicone scrubbers can be cleaned up quickly and easily. Just need to rinse with water. For disinfection, you can boil the scrubber!


Save Kitchen Space 

With hanging loop, the scrubber can be hung up so it won' t take up too much space in kitchen. PS: It's a colorful and decorative accessory for you!


Protective for Hand and Table 

The scrubbers are capable to withstand and insulate heat. Work great as pot holders or coasters to prevent burns on hands or table.


Versatile Scrubber 

Amazing for dish washing, vegetable washing, face cleaning and baby shower! Soft enough for delicate surface and sensitive skin.


1.It has a little smell, you need to air out the silicone sponge for a while to dissipate the smell. 

2.This dish scrubber can't absorb liquid so you can't use it to clean your counter or stove. You can use a regular dish cleaning sponge as an addition to this silicone sponge brush.

GIF.gifPackage Include

5pcs round silicone scrubber




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